Fish-Flavour (Fisch-Gewürz) For adding flavour to food

Fish-Flavour (Fisch-Gewürz) 20g (1 Piece)
Fish-Flavour (Fisch-Gewürz) 20g (1 Piece)
Fish-Flavour (Fisch-Gewürz) 20g (1 Piece)
Fish-Flavour (Fisch-Gewürz) 20g (1 Piece)
Fish-Flavour (Fisch-Gewürz) 20g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 20g
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An innovative solution for gourmets!


Seasonings are what we use to give a dish a particular taste. Why not do this for dogs and cats too? As they both love high-quality meat and fish, Anifit has developed a fish seasoning for just that.


It’s simple to use, just shake a little of the “seasoning” over the food and give it an even more intense flavour.


Note: Anifit Meat Seasoning and Anifit Fish Seasoning are well suited for use during a change in your cat’s diet or as a way of “weaning” your pet off a previously used food product.


  • Free from additives
  • 100% natural


Feeding recommendation

To be used as required.



Freeze-dried redfish, freeze-dried shrimp


Ingredient profile

78 % raw protein, 12 % raw oils and fats, < 0.3 % raw fibre, 6 % crude ash, < 0.1 % NfE (~carbohydrates)


Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

Net weight 20g



Gefriergetrockneter Rotbarsch, gefriergetrocknete Shrimps


Analytische Bestandteile

78 % Protein, 12 % Fettgehalt, < 0,3 % Rohfaser, 6 % Rohasche, < 0,1 NfE (~Kohlenhydrate)

Feeding recommendation

Nach Bedarf verfüttern.


Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde und Katzen
Nettomasse 20g

What our clients say

Fisch geht immer Fit und agil - Es geht immer noch besser!